“Attending meetings daily, living a day at a time, and reading literature seems to send our mental attitude back toward the positive.” (Basic Text 5th Ed. Pg. 66).

“We use NA literature … in our meetings to help us fulfill NA’s primary purpose” (It Works: How and Why Pg. 119).

The SCANA Literature Subcommittee orders literature, keytags, medallions, and other supplies in bulk from the Southern California Regional Service Office and makes these items locally available. These items are sold, at cost, to meetings and individual members residing in South Coast Area boundaries. Most common items are in stock. Specialty items (such as large print, or Spanish literature, literature racks, poster sets, bi-plated medallions, and tri-plated medallions) can be special ordered and will be purchased when the SCANA Literature Subcommittee makes its next bulk order from the RSO. Please follow the link below and select a method to order literature.

SCANA Literature Website