Hospitals and Institutions

H&I stands for Hospitals and Institutions. The meeting is currently being held virtually on Zoom.

H&I Zoom Link —>   https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8655500289

Password: 050749

The purpose of an area H&I Subcommittee:

The area Hospitals and Institutions Subcommittee plays a central role in the overall H&I service effort. It initiates, coordinates and conducts all local N.A. Hospitals & Institutions meetings and activities within the area. This subcommittee is the hub of H&I planning and organization.

The H&I Committee is a subcommittee of the Area Service Committee (ASC). It meets monthly: the Chairperson reports to, and is accountable in all matters to the ASC. The Subcommittee is composed of an H&I Chairperson, H&I Vice Chairperson, H&I Secretary, and other elected officers, as well as any other members of the Fellowship who wish to be involved.

See our guidelines here:

SCANA H&I 2020-2021 Guidelines

…Here’s what the H & I Subcommittee does:
  1. Provides a monthly forum to pool experiences, “I can’t – we can!”
  2. Prepares policies, guidelines for the H&I subcommittees & for the ASC’s approval.
  3. Serves as a communication link between local H & I meetings/presentations and H&I subcommittees at the Region and World levels.
  4. Selects the members who are to conduct the H & I panels.
  5. Serves as a distribution point for literature for the meetings and reports these transactions to the ASC.
  6. Conducts learning days, workshops, and orientations on relevant topics.
  7. Is responsible for all H & I oriented services within the Area.

Becoming a Panel Speaker

If you would like to be a panel speaker for SCANA H&I, please visit our Contact page and send a request. We will get you added to the list. Thank you for being of service!